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Guangzhou Yong Jin Machinery Co., Ltd.
Özel üretici
Ana ürünler:Jakarlı tezgah/NF tipi dokuma tezgahı/V tipi dokuma tezgahı/yardımcı makine
Sıralama:1 Diğer Ayakkabı Yapım Tamir Makineleri içinde zamanında teslimatTotal floorspace (5,183㎡)Years in industry(12)Total staff (150)Finished product inspection

GuangZhou Yongjin Machinery Co., Ltd is a dedicated manufacturer and supplier of jacquard loom machinery. With over 20 years of experience in machine development and manufacture, we have obtained CE certification and other patent certifications.

We are proud to be one of the appointed manufacturers for the world's top 500 enterprises. Our company has a sound management system, a senior technical team, advanced production equipment, and strong production capacity.

Our products have been well-received throughout the country and exported to various regions including the Middle Asia, Middle East, European countries, American countries, and other countries and regions.